Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheap Date.

Are you the wolf,

Luring me into a secluded room?

Of smoke and mirrors strategically placed?

In a crafty effort to end the game

Of cat and mouse we so brazenly played?

Well honey,

I am many things. But I'm certainly not inane.

I will hear nothing of your fickle plans,

No wedding bells or daft romance.

"Something for nothing," you demand.

Yet you expect me to so willingly succumb,

A whore for words, reluctantly consumed

Like fumes from the last cigarette of the pack.

Languidly savored till the final drag

Then exhaled into the world again?

Your argument is mad.

And yet you're thoroughly convinced!

Intoxicated by a drug, yet too cheap to pay for it.

Spare me your dreams, I have my own.

I would much rather be left alone

Than be jaded by a prick.

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